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We took the best of what you loved about LitelySalted over the years for when getting sex online and wrapped it up into a new iOS Trivia game called available in iTunes. With this game you can challenge your friends to an epic battle of wits. Check out the trailer below and Download the FREE version in iTunes.

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Litely Salted brings you iPhone App Teaser

Love Trivia? We’re getting close to launching our new app. In the mean time check out our teaser video and visit our site to stay connected for the official release announcements for hooking up at FBook Of Sex. Early invitations available for! Coming Spring 2012 to iPhone & iPad! We’re taking Litely Salted to a whole new level with a unique social twist to trivia. You can view it on Youtube at:

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Consumer Electronics Show CES 2012 Quiz


If that got your attention, then winning a CHEMEX Coffeemaker should be just as attention grabbing! That’s right, the coffeemaker that’s taking the country be storm can be yours…

One lucky gadget junkie will receive this eye-opening prize PLUS 10-lbs. of Arsaga’s amazing coffee, and all ya have to do is…

- Complete the new LitelySalted CES Trivia Quiz.
- Share your results on Facebook & Twitter.

Like a dodge ball to the face, Arsaga’s, CHEMEX and LitelySalted will keep your brain’s pedal to the metal! BOOM!

We’re reinventing the way trivia is played online and on your handheld devices, so stay tuned… there’s much more to come!

Go brain!
Take the CES Quiz

Good luck,
The LitelySalted Team

PS: Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to learn more about extra giveaway entries!

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How well do you know Canada?

Contrary to popular opinion, Canada does not own the North Pole. In fact, the North Pole is not owned by any country. It is believed, however, that Santa Claus is from Canada.

For our neighbors to the north, we’ve put together this quiz that’s sure to test your Canadian wits. It’s not easy, so if you get all 25 questions correct, you are certainly a trivia buff eh?

If you like this quiz, be sure to check out our general trivia archive for hundreds of other general trivia quizzes.

Begin Canadian Quiz, Eh?

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2011 Tech Year in Review

2011 brought many new innovations to the tech scene, from the talking iPhone assistant to Amazon’s blazing iPad-killer, we no doubtably had our curiosity peeked and even morned the loss of a great visionary leader.

We at Litely Salted Trivia put together a 2011 Tech Year in Review quiz to test out how connected you really were to those innovations and much more. This definitely should bring out the inner techno-geek in you and if you get all 20 right your definitely a trivia technophile.

If you like this one quiz, check out our collection of other trivia quizzes and have fun sharing with your friends.

Enjoy the Quiz

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Daily Grind General Trivia

General Trivia QuizFrom hurricanes trivia to national park trivia, today’s 25 question Daily Grind general quiz will keep you guessing.

After you take the quiz, be sure to check out our triva tags page. From this page, you can play highly specific quizzes on almost any topic. Some of the most popular subjects include baseball trivia, capital cities, astronomy, characters from literature, tv, pop lyrics, and film quotes. You can get as specific as you want. For example, you can even take a quiz on 1861 trivia.

Enjoy the Quiz

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Daily Grind General Trivia Quiz

Today we bring back an old Litely Salted staple – The Daily Grind. It’s a 25 question general trivia quiz that covers everything from country music to Wimbledon to trivia about the Olympics.

General quizzes are my favorite type of quiz. It reminds me of my high school quiz bowl days when the next question could be about anything – literature, chemistry, or even opera.

If you are new around here, be sure to check out our quiz archives. We have several hundred quizzes ranging from general trivia quizzes to sports trivia to entertainment trivia.

Take the Quiz

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Rocks and Minerals Trivia Quiz

Geology was one of my favorite classes in college. And my wife makes fun of me for obsessively watching earthquake and volcano shows on the Science channel.

Sue me, I love my rocks. This quick 15 question quiz on rocks and minerals is dedicated to my fellow rock hounds.

Take the Rocks Quiz

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Mathematical Shapes Trivia Quiz

ecommerce company is centered around data mining, and I am an adjunct professor of statistics at a big University.

Given that, it will come as no surprise that we here at Litely Salted like hardcore math and science trivia. We enjoy math, chemistry, and physics trivia more than entertainment quizzes.

Today’s quiz will challenge you to think all the way back to your 8th or 9th grade geometry class. Mrs. Herzfeld taught mine, and she was awesome. I shared an eighth grade class room with a trivia legend. I’m pretty sure neither of us have ever missed a geometry trivia question, thanks in large part to Mrs. H.

One of the most commonly quizzed areas in math trivia is geometry.

Think back to Junior High, and enjoy the quiz!

Take the Geometry Quiz

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Famous Dicks – Part Two

Famous Dicks quiz was well received, so here’s a quiz with 20 more detective trivia questions.

This one is a little more difficult… but your sleuthing skills will surely rise to the challenge.

Take the Detectives Quiz

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